Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Safety and Signs at RIC





         The blue lights for safety on RIC campus          


              Signs to make sure students don't 
                        go the wrong way             



 Road work sign at work to let the students know
 road work is going on and for them to slow down

Friday, February 28, 2014

Alex Palazzo

My Car Dash Camera

Ryan Ottone

The amount of construction on campus makes it difficult sometimes to navigate while searching for parking. Roads are closed and/or blocked, as well as much needed parking spaces closed off. 
     When you do finally make it to the parking areas they are usually filled to the maximum capacity.  This forces students to use the road side parking that is provided which can be dangerous and cause backups in traffic when individuals are attempting (numerous times) to parallel park.

Jennifer Kosteer

This one parking spot is going to mean alot to that one student that needs it because they are almost late for class. Unfortunately this spot is under construction.

Ryan Ottone

The accommodations for parking for the handicapped are vast.  There are numerous spots in every parking lot.  It is great that Rhode Island College provides such a great amount of parking access but these area's are often empty even during peak hours.

Jennifer Kosteer

Roaderies can be a huge pain. Nobody letting you go and when that happens nobody is happy.